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From The Founding Chair

  • Nonprofit Initiative

    Empowering Professionals with Bipolar Disorder. Globally

  • Leveraging 4IR Tech

    Leveraging 4IR Tech & Neo-economies for Empowerment

I am so thrilled to present Bipolar Powered Ltd, a mental health Non-profit, aimed at helping Creative Professionals with Bipolar Disorder unleash their hidden potential and talent – by leveraging remote cloud technologies, neo-economies and self-employment

Founding Chair


Setting up a mental health was one of the major goals of my new Life Roadmap that I drew in 2016 after getting victory over my genetic Bipolar Disorder, after 2 decades of painful struggle, with the help of a new regimen of medication.

I'm a genetic Bipolar Disorder patient and it got triggered after my father’s untimely death in Nov 1991. I was brought up by him and was extremely close to him.

I've been on different regimen of medications since my diagnosis in 1990s, but it was only in 2016 that my current regimen was started and that finally succeeded me in taming my prolonged and cruel bipolar disorder

After taming this cruel monster, I created a new life road-map for myself

With a regained mental clarity and positiveness; I spent the next 2 months in analysing my life, lost years, all my major past decisions and mistakes. This deep self-analysis resulted in a total paradigm shift in my general perspective and how I looked at my Bipolar Disorder.

I wrote a totally new Rule Book for myself that had two primary & governing principle:

  • Bipolar Disorder is part of my personality and it makes me different from others
  • It gives me unique strength, energy & creativity (During hypo-manic phases)

Fully empowered by the new rule book, I sat down to draw a new Life Roadmap for myself for the next 5 years and steered both my personal & professional life into a new and more fulfilling direction.

I decided to re-invent myself – both in my personal and professional lives.

To psychologically enforce the new rule book, I declared myself Bipolar Powered.

Since then, I never looked back and kept on accomplishing my goals set in my Life Roadmap. There indeed have been some ups and downs, but my new perspectives and rules had embowered me to put myself back to the track.

Bipolar Powered Ltd is result of first-hand experience of my own life re-invention journey and my Bipolar Rule Book that made me accomplish it

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